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They’re home for two whole weeks? Is that really necessary?

Today was the last day of school before Christmas break, so you know what that means… CLASS PARTY!  Dave had the day off from work, so Torin chose him to go with her to help decorate her gingerbread house at school.  This was the fabulous creation that they came home with. 


Parker and I couldn’t just sit at home while the other two were off digging in a tub of frosting, so we made our own gingerbread men while Daddy and Torin were at school.


After school was over, we had to go somewhere to release some energy (given the sugar rush and all) so we drove over to Ms. Jennifer’s house (their favorite place) and jumped on her trampoline.


Here’s Parker and Aaron on the trampoline with two first-grade girls.  The boys loooooved it.  :)