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The Christmas shuffle.

 Christmas Eve started very early for us this year.  Like 6:00 a.m.  Fortunately, Santa knew that we were leaving on the 24th to head up to Illinois, so he came one night early to our house.  The kids hopped up, ran down the stairs, and started tearing into the gifts.

Note for next year:  throwing a quick hair clip in first would be a nice idea so she could actually SEE was she’s opening.


SCORE!  We got some really great gifts from Santa and some awesome loot from Dave’s side of the family!


After we finished at our house, we drove to the O’Dell grandparents where we opened more fabulous gifts and ate way too many sugar-coated pecans.  And we took some more pictures.


And took even more pictures…


Then we went to PaPa and MeMe’s house where someone was very excited to get an electric knife:


And someone else was not quite so excited to get a bell:


I was just adjusting her outfit.  Honest.  I was not playing dress-up with a doll:


How many people does it take to open one pair of headphones:


After MeMe and PaPa’s house, we went to Aunt Becky’s for another feeding – this time it was turkey, sweet potatoes, and my favorite Texas sheet cake.  Then we went to Uncle Wayne and Aunt Sally’s for… RIBS.  Lord have mercy.  Bryan and Travis had been grilling them all day, and they were gooooood.


While I was changing into my stretchy pants after all that food, Torin was busy plotting her wish list for next Christmas.  It’s never to early to start.


There’s no way I could post all of our pictures on the blog, so I posted all of them here in case you want to see more!