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I love my kindergartener.  I do.  I love her so much.  But lately it seems that her mouth has been running NONSTOP, and it’s about to send me over the edge.  Really.  She gets out of bed talking in the morning and doesn’t stop until nighttime.  I answer a million questions every day, and that’s just before lunch.  I needed a break.  And every good kindergartener knows that you can’t talk in the library.  (Torin especially knows this because she has gotten in trouble for “accidentally” talking in the library at school.)  So the kids and I spent all morning at the downtown Nashville Public Library.  It was great.  I posted a few more pictures on the photography blog, so check that out, too.







Darrel - December 31, 2008 - 6:21 pm

such cute and smart kids… grandad T