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The crisis is over. For now.

We have been in full blown crisis mode at our house.  The little truck (and I do mean little) that Parker absolutely cannot live without has been MIA for the past 4-5 days.  This truck goes everywhere with our family, and all four of us have been searching for it.  Good news.  I swept the kitchen floor.  It was hiding under the cabinet.  Oh, what a joyful reunion we had.


Trying something new

Here’s the deal.  I’m tired of keeping up with the old website where I posted pictures month by month.  If I can just post a line or two here and there, it will be much quicker and easier for me.  But DON’T WORRY… you can still get to the old site to see all of the oldies but goodies.  Just look under the little blogroll thing-y on the side of the screen, and you’ll see the link.

Without further delay, I will now kick off the brand new blog with a photo of Parker from this morning.  This was taken just before we went to our big MLK party.  (Yes, we went to a Martin Luther King party, and it was wild!)